Tuesday, June 21, 2011

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  • beppenyc
    03-17 10:51 AM
    Really good point.

    Everybody say that the 90 % of the american are against illegal, i don`t know, but it look really strange to me, due that everybody use illegal to clean the house or delivery food. I really think that american people are scared about high skilled immigrants that can really harm their job, i feel it everyday in my office. That is reason for my pessimisme. Nobody cares about an housekeeper or a delivery guy, no americans what to do that. By the way, my friends, from England, got a green card in two years. How could it possible?

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  • bfadlia
    02-27 04:53 PM
    It's really strange the surge in non-legal issues threads..
    If the poster had any genuine hope of getting help she wouldn�t be posting it on a forum for foreigners who obviously have no lobbying power and if we did we will be using it for ourselves first.
    Somebody is trying to establish an association between us and drug and other law breaking criminals..
    Time to put these red dots to a good use.. Get�er boys :)

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  • aachoo
    02-17 09:20 PM
    another LUD today for me 02/17

    What was your RFE for?

    I am still waiting to see what my RFE was for.
    I had another LUD today as well (2/17) (also had one on 2/10, 2/13). wife only had 2/10 and 2/13.

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  • luckysuizhang
    04-03 01:13 AM


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  • uma001
    06-07 12:06 PM
    Stop worrying too much.This bill wont pass

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  • nrk
    10-29 09:46 AM

    I followed up two more cases with the same status as mine,

    All the 3 SR's opened in TSC on 10/14/2009 or 10/15/2009 and answered by the same representative.

    Today one of them took an info pass and talked to IO. they said the information could be wrong as they don't see any status like that. and one more thing their case is pre approved.


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  • vullankib
    06-01 02:44 PM

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  • ashwin_27
    05-12 07:21 PM
    Exactly. Its a waste of time reading or following about this DREAM act v2.0.
    All indications are that it is going nowhere and is just political posturing.
    Let's hope for a speedy death for this abomination ... speedy death means issue over before elections/voting


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  • ck_b2001
    01-26 09:32 PM

    I am planning to accept an offer from a company that will also sponsor my H1. All the terms & conditions look fine to me and their seems to be no bond.

    However, the offer letter has a clause that is a bit strange and raised some doubts in my mind. Experienced people please comment and let me know if it has a risky hidden meaning. Please note I am not going to take any trainings and would start to work immediately with one of their clients. The clause goes like this.

    "Employee acknowledges that the Company may invest significant sums to train and educate Employee and the Company�s investment in Employee would be jeopardized if Employee were to leave the company�s employment prior to the Company�s receipt of the benefits of such training and education. Employee hereby agrees to refund to the Company all amounts expended by the Company in the immediately preceding 12 months for education or training of the Employee if Employee resigns from the employment with the Company or is terminated by the Company for gross neglect of duty, material breach of the Letter or this Agreement or conviction or plea of guilty or no contests to a felony. Employee authorizes the Company to deduct and withhold such payment in full from any compensation or other amounts otherwise owed or payable to Employee. The payments will be due within 30 days of
    termination of the employment."

    In my company if they transfer you with-in company and pay all moving which can total to 25-30 k, they say that if you leave with-in 12 month of moving you have to pay back moving expenses. If company terminate you before 12 months, they will move you back and pay for your expenses.

    It may be a standard clause if it is only valid for first 12 month. May be they spend $$$$$ on training but i am pretty sure they'll have hard time enforcing it.

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  • gcwaiter
    04-01 09:41 PM
    Thats it !! We dont want to suffer more. Fllow the forum advise & let people know how we are suffering.

    Help them to achive 1000 faxes & more target !!

    May god bless all of us !!


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  • alterego
    08-31 09:35 PM
    Very well written article.

    American have heard ad nauseum the concept of anchor babies from Lou Dobbs and his ilk.

    We need to introduce them to the concept of "ANCHOR JOBS" ie what we do. We anchor the jobs of leading industries to the USA so that the rest of the economy can continue to flourish based on those jobs and the spin offs.

    We need to let the ordinary american know that it is in his/her best interest for us to help keep cutting edge american industries here.
    The few lazy american techies who make 6 figure salaries and yet still want more, need to be exposed for what they really are.............protectionist losers who put self interest above country. Unfortunate that they take that route rather than see the real shortages in the industries of tomorrow. They really are in pole position to make money out of it as well, if they just developed some entrepreneurship.

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  • vadicherla
    11-25 08:01 PM
    Thanks Pappu


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  • amoljak
    05-15 07:49 AM
    This is just some cheap theatrics by Durbin Grassley in preparation to attach their anti H1B restrictionist bill to CIR. Read more here: http://immigrationvoice.org/forum/showthread.php?t=3944

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  • sriramkalyan
    10-12 10:32 AM
    My Priority Date Sep 2002 EB3
    According to LC, my labor got approved on Aug 9th, but we received actual paper on Sep 9th .. So lost the chance to FILE 485

    DOL took more than a month TO send papers ..

    There is no point in blaming IV . They are the BEST ..

    It is US Govt agencies who are lazy and ineptitude.

    US did not get Civil Rights in one year .. it took decades of fight ...

    IV is fighting for every one ..


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  • sanbaj
    03-27 11:56 AM
    Hello Sanbaj, where did you send your interfiling request ? I mean which center ? I am also in same situation but I did not send the original I-140 approval copy.
    NSC. I got the RNs from there.

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  • dtekkedil
    08-31 11:20 PM
    No lies, salary cannot be raised and people on H-4 cannot work. The article is right.

    What I don't get is where they got that the Sept 18 rally will see 5000 of us attending? That's way too little guys, we need at least double that!

    Will we even have 5000 people??? I will be (pleasantly) surprised if we do!

    Too bad most of us think this rally is a waste of time. I hope they wake up and realize that doing nothing and waiting for their GCs will be an even bigger waste of time if they lose their job 3 years down the line!


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  • jgh_res
    08-11 09:14 AM
    U have such a big signature but nothing abt contribution to IV. Have u contributed anything to IV? If not, how do u thinkIV can fight for whatever it is fighting?

    I had a friend who came here after me, say I think in 2001, he got laid off and had gaps in his employment, he married this girl who joined a company head quartered in IOWA, the payroll stubs used to be in excel sheets. He was probably in the point where if we went to India, they would not have let him come back on H1. They paid 10K to get LS (adjusted through employment for 1 year) and when I-140 and 485 were being allowed for consecutive filing I believe Dec2004, filed it. He called me a month back saying they got their physical card. His PD date somewhere 2004 EB3. My PD March 21 2003, am I frustrated of course, but I am frustrated with the system that has loop holes, as pointed out there are hundred of people who have legitimately used LS.. there is no point losing sleep over it.

    The need of the hour is this, to be together and fight together, not among each other. IV does not differentiate between LS and non LS, or degrees or anyone's individual cases or scenarios. IV's goal is very simple, GC process should not take more that 2 years and anything that reduces the total time frame, that is what IV stands for. Time is key, lost time cannot be regained, what is in for is now and the future, lets stick together and think about how we can help IV meet this goal, that none of us should be waiting many many more years to come. Can we all agree on this and go forward please?

    Thanks and appreciate everyone's understanding.

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  • testz
    09-09 11:18 AM
    you said: at some point uscis would send a request to you for employer verification?
    why would they need that: as we have submitted that at the time flinig 485?

    i dont know if the above is true only for consultancies?

    i work in a big software corp and never heard of any queries at all?
    approved 140, file 485, wait for 180 days, change jobs, no queries at all (irrespective of whether you change jobs or not)

    am i missing something here?


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  • USDream2Dust
    04-08 03:04 PM
    They didn't mentioned it in the press release though..

    But this is USCIS. To calculate 21605-20000 they need full business day. Jokes apart they haven't mentioned. My guess is probability of winning lotto on Masters quota would be far higher than on regular quota. I could be wrong.

    12-30 07:22 PM
    Im july 5th filer .Filed I140 and I 485 conc .Opened SR for FP because didnt recieve it till NOV .In NSC_CSC_NSC.next day after opening SR i got Fp notice .Obvously nothin to do with SR .Got reply for SR after a month which says " Status I-485 USCIS is waiting boimetrics info to produce permanent residency card "
    Any idea what would this statement mean ?
    I_140 & 485 fild July 5th 2007
    PD curent

    07-27 06:38 PM
    Anyone know when they plan to post it?

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